Although many students have found the one-to-one teaching method suits them best, there are undeniable advantages to studying a language together, as part of a small group – in particular, observing your classmates' responses to common challenges is a valuable part of the process. Learning is more fun in a group! Naturally, it's more economical as well. You can practice with mates on Skype, too, for free!

Lessons are conducted via Skype conference calls. Your tutor is native Chinese, with excellent English proficiency.

Classes are two hours in duration, scheduled either 2 or 3 times a week – according to your choice – and limited to no more than 5 students.

We’re very excited to be rolling out our new program for Group Chinese Classes!

Because this is a new program, it does have certain limitations, which will be eliminated as the program grows. Available class times may not be at the time you’d normally think of as convenient, but we *have* seen plenty of one-to-one students who really enjoy taking their lessons during the very quiet hours of the day and night. They just shrug and say, “Well, this is how to learn Mandarin in the 21st century, and set the alarm (well, some need to).

Take these THREE SIMPLE STEPS to enroll in Jensen Mandarin Small Group Chinese Language Classes

Step 1  Register, login and submit a request for enrollment

First, we ask you to submit a few bits of essential information to our staff, after which you may login. You’ll find yourself at your dashboard, where you can click on the Group Classes tab. Under the words Enroll in a Group Chinese Language Class, please enter a range of time you can be available on two or more days per week. Note that you must choose times according to when our teaching staff is available – you can find those in the chart just below the time entry box, on the same line as your time zone. Be sure to enter your earliest available class start date. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to inform us of your preferred class start time, and any comments or questions you might have.
After you submit the request, you’ll receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours, with instructions to pay a small processing fee, $30; this will be credited toward your total enrollment fee. See our Fees page for more information.

Step 2  One moment please

OK, we know everyone using the Internet is accustomed to instant…everything! But this time you’ve found something that just can’t be accomplished without a little waiting. Processing – especially arranging just the right classmates for you – will take 1-3 weeks. We simply can’t guarantee the instant availability of 2 to 4 classmates with compatible learning needs and schedules (time zones). It’s worth the wait!

Step 3  Fill in your calender and make final Payment

When we confirm your class details, you’ll receive instructions for final payment, a complete calendar of all the class sessions, and your class teacher’s Skype ID. If you don’t have a free Skype account yet, be sure to take care of that, too.

Currently, for groups, we offer only elementary classes. More advanced group classes are possible, provided we receive applications from students with well-matched schedules, goals and current levels of achievement. Please see our FAQ topic: Are elementary group classes appropriate for students with more ambitious study goals? (HSK Preparation, Chinese characters, etc.)

Advanced planning is necessary. Your enrollment and confirmation must take place 1-3 weeks before the start of classes.

A $30 non-refundable registration fee is required when enrollment is initiated. Final payment for a minimum of 10 sessions must be completed no less than 4 days before the start of classes. Please take note of our discounts for longer commitments. Please see our Fees page. Registration fee will be credited toward class fees.

About Skype

Skype is the most popular free video call service, and the one we use most often (we sometimes use Google Hangouts). If you don’t have an account yet, just go to and take a few moments to get familiar with it. Find a friend who uses it and try it out. Although it has lots of extra features you might find a bit challenging, the basic operation of video call service is very simple. There are convenient help files and tutorials available, but chances are you’ll never need them.

Our Policy Regarding Absence From Classes

Jensen Mandarin’s policy regarding missed Group Classes is significantly different compared with our one-to-one lessons. It’s essentially the same as you’d expect if you enrolled in a class at a physical school. Thus, absences, for any reason, will neither be rescheduled, nor refunded.

Policy Regarding Internet Connectivity and Video/Audio Transmission Quality

There is one necessary exception to the simple absence policy stated above: In rare cases where an online Group Class is disrupted by intolerable internet connectivity problems WHICH AFFECT THE QUALITY OF AUDIO TRANSMISSION FOR ALL OF THE PARTICIPANTS, then rescheduling will be arranged for that class. In anticipation of such events, Group Class students are requested to keep their regularly scheduled class times free for at least one week following the last scheduled class. There may be instances where a student cannot attend a rescheduled class; in such cases, a one-hour private make-up lesson will be the preferred solution; alternatively, a credit toward a new package of lessons can be arranged. If neither of these solutions is acceptable, a refund of fees for the disrupted class is possible.

Important note

Students are solely responsible for the quality and consistency of their own Internet connectivity. Thus, in a case where the
quality of audio transmission is poor for only one or two students, and other participants report no serious problems, the class will proceed
as scheduled. Please take care to insure your Internet service can adequately support the bandwidth requirements for video calls. We suggest
testing with other Skype (and Google Hangouts!) users BEFORE beginning sessions with Jensen Mandarin. If you’re planning to use more than
one location, test each one.