Lessons are conducted via Skype. Your tutor is native Chinese, with excellent English proficiency. Please use our convenient automated scheduling system to book your sessions – the duration of which can be either one hour, or two hours, according to your choice.

Take these THREE (or four) SIMPLE STEPS to begin your Jensen Mandarin One-to-one Chinese Language Lessons


During the registration process you will be asked for information about any experience you’ve had with learning Mandarin; you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and if you have any strong opinions about the best way to learn Chinese, you can express those, too. When you login, your Student Dashboard will be displayed. Have a look at the features; it’s pretty simple.

Step 2  Click the CHECK TUTORS’ AVAILABILITY button

A calendar will appear with available session times. Before you commit to booking your FIRST SESSION, it’s important that you consult this calendar, to be certain that a tutor will be available at a convenient time for you (please choose a time at least 24 hours in the future). For now, just take note of the time you wish to use; you will inform us of your choice in the next step. In case you have any questions or uncertainty, please feel free to use the ‘ask us a question’ button on the calendar page. We’re happy to reply, of course, and will do so promptly (well...yes, it is possible the difference in time zones will cause some delay).

Step 3  Click the ONE-TO-ONE SESSIONS tab on your dashboard

You will see several choices for the number of sessions you wish to book – discounts are available for greater quantities. After you’ve confirmed your choice of quantity, you’ll see the Paypal payment screen, where you’ll be asked to pay the fee for our services (unless you have purchased Jensen Mandarin credits in advance). You may use either your Paypal account or your credit card.

The calendar is next; you simply need to click to book the time and date for your session, and click the Submit Your Request button. Before you confirm your choice – only the first time – you’ll be asked to provide some details about your routine availability, to help us assign the best tutor for you. PLEASE NOTE: When it’s time to book your next session (or bundle of sessions) the calendar will display ONLY your assigned tutor’s availability (it will not include other tutors’ availability).

Step 4  Get a free SKYPE account

- if you haven’t got one already, of course. Although Skype has lots of extra features you might find challenging, basic operation of free video call service is very simple. There are convenient help files and tutorials available, but chances are you’ll never need them. Go to www.Skype.com to get an account and please be sure to enter it in your student profile (under small profile icon top right). This will enable your tutor to contact you at session time.

That’s all! Get ready to learn Mandarin!

You’ll receive a confirmation email message within 24 hours, including your tutor’s name and Skype ID. Your first session will include discussions about your learning path, study materials, and other matters related to the content of your lessons. Rest assured that your tutor is well prepared to offer expert guidance, to insure a great language learning experience.

When you book your sessions, our system will automatically prompt all your steps, but please do get familiar with the options and procedures covered below. You’ll be relieved to have no distractions, when it’s time to concentrate on how to learn Chinese language!

Using the Calendar to Book Sessions

To book a session time (after completing the session ordering and payment processes) you simply need to click on an open timeslot in the calendar, and click the Submit Your Request button.

Again, please note that when you open the calendar for the FIRST time, you will see the available time slots for ALL Jensen Mandarin tutors. Once you have been assigned a tutor, however, you will see the available times for ONLY that tutor. Your first request should therefore include further information about YOUR routine availability. Please use the text box provided in the popup window, to let us know other times of the day you might wish to have sessions. This information will help us to make the most appropriate choice, when we assign your tutor (be aware that your tutor probably lives in a distant time zone, and may not be available during all your possible session times).

After choosing a time and date, and informing us about any other sessions times you might like to use, click the button marked Submit Your Request.

An email will be sent to you within 24 hours, to acknowledge your request for a booking. Your tutor’s name and Skype ID will be included.

PLEASE NOTE that for some bookings, a separate message will arrive later to inform you that your tutor has confirmed the booking; in other cases you will immediately find the booking automatically confirmed, and thus noted on your timetable (it’s also on the tutor’s timetable).

    1. Any session, including your first one, purchased as a single session (not part of a bundle) – unless you use the ‘schedule it later checkbox,’ see below.
    2. The first session of a bundle, that is, provided you book the time yourself, instead of choosing to request that we book the sessions for you (weekly, see below).

The ‘I would like to schedule it later’ checkbox is a special function provided for those (hopefully rare) situations, where you have purchased a session, but find yourself unprepared to commit to any session time you find available.

Booking multiple sessions

Although you can purchase a single session whenever you wish, be aware that packages of multiple sessions are discounted, and allow you to avoid having to go through the payment process every time you book session. When you purchase a bundle, you have the option to book all or some of the sessions well in advance. This way, you can insure your tutor’s availability at your preferred time.

There are two ways to accomplish booking of multiple sessions:

1. Choosing (one by one, or all in one sitting) the times and dates you wish – even as late as 24 hours before the session time (that’s a bit risky, though – your preferred time may not be available then). The first session is booked directly after your purchase of the bundle; subsequent sessions are booked by finding them under the Manage Sessions tab on your dashboard (use the ‘unscheduled sessions’ dropdown menu item).
2. Checking the convenient WEEKLY checkbox, thus leaving the scheduling to our staff, according to your instructions. If you choose option 2, you need only click once on the time you would like to be booked each week, then type any additional information needed in the text box. Please consult your calendar, in order to inform us of any necessary exceptions (for holidays, etc) to the otherwise strict weekly schedule. You can omit days, or request an alternate time (which must be open, on the tutor’s calendar). In case you need to make a change later, you can always request rescheduling of any of the sessions; please give 24 hours notice whenever possible. You will receive a message from us, to confirm your multiple bookings.
Finally – in case this hasn’t occurred to you – many students have several sessions each week. Simply include a note in the text box provided, to let us know which other day(s) you want to add each week.

After the session

After a session is complete, your acknowledgement is required, in order for the tutor’s fee to be deducted from your account. Simply find the session on your dashboard, under the Manage Sessions tab (choose Confirmed 1-1 Sessions from the dropdown menu) and click the Upon Completion button. Functions for rescheduling and cancellation also appear here. In case you neglect to click on any of these available options, the session will be automatically registered as completed after six days (and then the teacher will be paid).

The Upon Completion function includes text boxes for remarks (to your tutor) and feedback (seen only by the JM admin), also a way for you to upload files (accessible to tutor AND admin).

In case you have any problem with the session, please use the Upon Completion button, click the Report a Problem option (within 24 hours, if possible), and follow the prompts. You’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Important Policies

We have designed our scheduling system to be as fast, easy and convenient as technologically possible – including the rescheduling functions. We hope you find it effortless to use, but if you need to communicate in a hurry, you may instead simply send an email to admin@jensenmandarin.com (best to CC your tutor as well!) – no worries, just let us know.

If you need to reschedule a session you have booked, we request you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Of course, we recognize advance notice is sometimes impossible, so our policy is accordingly flexible – you may still reschedule a session up to 24 hours AFTER the originally scheduled time (assuming you forgot something or had an emergency). Simply find the session under Confirmed Sessions on your Student Dashboard, and click the reschedule session button.

Cancellation with refund is allowed only with at least 24 hours advance notice. Please understand that your tutor’s schedule is busy; open times need to be available for other students. You may find the session under Confirmed Sessions on your Student Dashboard, and click the cancel session button. Naturally, we hope you will use the reschedule button instead, in such instances.

You can read more details of our policies on the Terms and Conditions page.

Important note Students are solely responsible for the quality and consistency of their own Internet connectivity (please note policies above regarding cancellation and rescheduling). In case you are not accustomed to using online video call services, we suggest you perform tests with several friends on Skype (and Google Hangouts, a useful alternative) before starting sessions with us. In case you plan to use more than one location, test the connection at each one.