Lessons planned according to YOUR needs

Many Chinese language schools offer prospective students an array of courses to suit their needs. Often enough, the school’s ‘consultant’ advises (sells) courses that are not necessarily the best choice for the student. At Jensen Mandarin, you and your private tutor will discuss these options in an atmosphere only a qualified educator can provide. Together, you can tailor the curriculum – to cover any or all these various approaches to learning the language. We provide this list simply to inform our one-to-one students of the available choices.

General Chinese Spoken Language Courses: beginner, intermediate and advanced

Without exception, learning spoken communications in a new language requires lots of practice, and a logical sequence of acquisition. Our trained tutors have the experience needed to deal with all the different learning styles and habits various students bring to the classroom – some of which need to be accommodated, while others need to be discouraged. Be assured that you will receive expert guidance at Jensen Mandarin!

Reading and writing Chinese characters

Many students choose to avoid learning these skills, and are quite satisfied with the results, though it certainly limits mastery of the language. We recommend leaving the matter open at first – after all, children learn to speak before they can read. What are your goals? If a five-year-old can learn Chinese characters, so can you! You’ll need perseverance, a proven curriculum, and a tutor who knows the process very well. Please refer to our FAQ topic: Whether to study Chinese characters, at what point to begin, which textbook or method? What issues should I be aware of?

Courses tailored to the student’s age

It’s true the majority of our students are late teens to mid-twenties, but there’s no problem accommodating the needs of kids and older adults. The key is having a tutor who is truly interested in making the learning process accessible and enjoyable – a tutor who loves the job, and gains real satisfaction upon seeing the student progress. Again, this comes from experience. Effective communications in English is often equally important.

HSK test preparation

HSK is the standardized test for Chinese Language proficiency; there are eight levels. Ranking according to these levels is sometimes a requirement for employment or college credit, but it’s also appropriate simply for personal satisfaction. Our standard courses are well designed for HSK goals, and we encourage all our students to participate.

Business Chinese

Successful and satisfactory completion of this type of course requires the student to first possess a strong foundation in more basic skills. Please refer to our FAQ topic: ‘Should I take a course in Business Chinese?’

Other special courses:

Travel and Survival Chinese

Looking for a “crash course?” This approach is generally a bit less methodical, designed to prepare an intrepid traveler for early immersion. It depends more on the student’s determination and “winging it” talent, than on the usual time honored method of comprehensive coursework. It can be a very effective way to begin, but inevitably leaves one feeling the need for more careful study.

Expat Taitai Mandarin Course - for wives who follow their husbands to live in China

See Travel and Survival Chinese, add more domestic vocabulary.