As the company name Jensen Mandarin suggests, we are a family business. American expat husband and Chinese wife – our respective roles are pretty obvious: one heads the business, the other is in charge of education.

Our Founding Teacher

Currently based in Shanghai, Molly Jensen (her American husband’s surname) is a fully qualified veteran Chinese language educator, having practiced her art since 2004 through many hours of private and classroom service to foreign students, at several large and long-established private schools in Shanghai. Her university (SISU) degree in English has enabled her to demonstrate, again and again, that students will indeed grasp the complexities of a new language more easily, when explanations can be delivered effectively in the common language. This principle inspires her teacher training methods, as well as the mission of Jensen Mandarin.

Molly’s ambition to found a new school was also motivated by her experiences with inflexible curriculum planning. Students learning how to speak Chinese in the large private schools sometimes find, after a few lessons, that their habits of learning are in conflict, either with those of their classmates, or with the school's curriculum, or both. At Jensen Mandarin, we give the needs of individual students due consideration, and strive to provide the best learning environment for each one.

Let us show you how these principles can make a significant difference in the quality and productivity of your Chinese language studies.


Lars Jensen is the author of this website, the guiding hand in the design of our state-of-the-art learning platform, and the shoulder you can cry on, should any customer service issues arise.

Our Family Name

Like many other firms, we decided to stake the good reputation of our business on our family name. A husband and wife team dedicated to bringing our customers the best value in the language tutoring industry.

We are building an online language school, one byte at a time, and doing things differently compared to others you can find. For instance, we observe that other schools, both physical and online, are recruiting as many teachers as possible, in an effort to grow the business faster. Can they deliver a quality product this way? With the demand for learning Chinese increasing so quickly, experienced teachers are harder to find, so any large school must use recent trainees. Even though the available training is also improving rapidly, quite recently we’ve seen too many students dissatisfied with the teacher assigned to them (or worse, they don’t realize what they’re missing).

More teachers…

So we’ve decided to use a unique method of recruiting teachers, one by one, as our business grows, not en masse. Molly has another occupation – in addition to her successful tutoring career, she’s also a published Chinese author, with three novels to her credit. Her fourth novel, called Outside the Mountain [link], is written in English (also in Chinese translation), and is being published in installments, on her blog. The story is an inspirational account of the career of a Chinese language teacher – her trials and victories – some fictional, others autobiographical. Readers will gain insight into just how well the tutor/student relationship can function. When the match is good, not only is the teaching and learning experience productive, but also the culture exchange is rich. Our goal is always to employ teachers who especially value notions of international bonding, so we rely on the novel as our primary recruiting tool. We believe our students gain a great benefit from this plan, and will ultimately learn how to speak Chinese more effectively as a result.

As you might expect, he quality and quantity of English studies in China is also increasing rapidly, so any teachers we add will need to demonstrate impressive accomplishments on this account, too – in keeping with the standard Molly has set.