Welcome to Jensen Mandarin!

We stake our family name on providing the finest Chinese language instruction available online – and in person, in Shanghai. You can rely on Jensen Mandarin to provide a well-educated native-Chinese language tutor. If you’re wondering how to learn Chinese MOST effectively, this is the key. Every quality language school insures the tutors are well trained and experienced – that’s a given, so what’s our secret? Where do we shine? Simple. We place special emphasis on the tutors’ competence in:

1. Communicating in English
2. Judging the rate at which to wean the student from dependence on English instructions and translations

For beginners, and even for some of the more advanced students, when the communication ‘comfort zone’ is adequately established by sharing a common language, then confidence in the program blossoms, and inhibitions to learning melt away. The cultural exchange dimension reaches wider and deeper. We can show you how to learn Chinese the best way – by having great rapport with your tutor!

We recognize two important factors in this regard:

1. The most effective language learning program gradually eliminates dependence on instructions in the common language (such as English) and
2. It is unrealistic for students of Chinese to expect their tutors to be truly bilingual

Yet – after the reality of these factors is acknowledged – it is vital for new and continuing students of Chinese to understand that the average Chinese tutor these days possesses a level of English communications low enough to significantly slow the beginner’s learning process. YOU, the novice student of Chinese, stand to learn much more effectively, if your tutor has a deeper understanding of English than most other Chinese tutors.

It’s also true that individuals who are especially gifted in additional language acquisition (we’ve all met them…) are indeed likely to be exceptions to this rule – the folks who can so quickly! pick up another language using even the least user-friendly methods. But in case you don’t possess such a gift, well, you’ve come to the right place. (And yes, even for those who are so talented, this method tends to be more enjoyable, to say the least.)

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