Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract with Jensen Mandarin ?

No, you are not required to sign any contract with Jensen Mandarin at all.

After purchasing a bundle, how do I book the first, and subsequent sessions?

After purchasing a bundle, you may immediately book the first session, in the same manner you would with a single session purchase - or click the 'schedule it later' button (best to avoid this, on your first bundle purchase). Instructions on our 'One-to-one Sessions' page are clear and complete (see Book Lessons/Online Private Tutoring). You may choose to ask our staff to book the remaining sessions according to your instructions (click the WEEKLY button), OR wait and book them yourself at your convenience - this is accomplished by finding those sessions under the 'unscheduled sessions' tab on your dashboard.

Something went wrong when I was redirected to PayPal for payment.

We've found PayPal functions very reliably, but occasionally things go awry. It's not practical to try to deal with every possible hiccup here, but in case your current problem leaves you wondering if there's some danger to your Jensen Mandarin credit balance, relax. As long as you can get to your dashboard, just check your Payment History tab. You can find your current available balance there, and verify there are no unexpected charges (your account on PayPal will also confirm this). It's also possible your own internet connection didn't function properly, or maybe PayPal is having a problem. Try again later is often good advice, and you can also send our admin an email message, if it appears there's a way we can help.

How do I book a session that has no time scheduled yet?

There are several possible circumstances where sessions already purchased need to be scheduled. These instructions apply in any such case: Choose the 'unscheduled sessions' option from the drop-down menu located on your dashboard. In case you purchased a bundle, you may find multiple sessions displayed here. Simply click the schedule button on any one of them, and the calendar of available times will appear as usual. IMPORTANT: Any session booked from the 'unscheduled sessions' list will be immediately confirmed on your timetable, and the tutor's as well. There is no confirmation from the tutor, unless you exchange email messages. This is more convenient, for both student and tutor, however, please keep in mind that booking at short notice might be risky, in case the tutor doesn't notice the new booking in time.

What is the procedure when I use the 'schedule it later' button?

The 'schedule it later' button should be used ONLY in the event that you have purchased a session, and you'd like to schedule it, but you find there is no suitable time available on the calendar. When this option is chosen, the session can be booked later, any time you wish - however, there is a possible disadvantage to making this choice. Please see FAQ item: 'How do I book a session that has no time scheduled yet?'

Why am I asked to pay for the session I want to book, when I know there is (at least) one session I have paid for, but haven't scheduled yet?

The session you purchased earlier can't be booked by using the usual procedure for booking NEW sessions. Please refer to FAQ item: 'How do I book a session that has no time scheduled yet?'

Is it possible to book bundles of both 1 AND 2 hour sessions?

Yes, you may book a bundle of 1 hour sessions, and also book one with 2 hour sessions. Whether or not you have both types, the procedure for booking is no different. See FAQ item: 'After purchasing a bundle, how do I book the first, and subsequent sessions?'

How do I reschedule a session?

If you are unable to attend a one-to-one session at the scheduled time, you may request a new time for it. We ask that you do your best to give the tutor at least 24 hours advance notice, but our system will allow you to reschedule a session up to 24 hours AFTER the scheduled start time - since advance notice is not always possible. (Please bear in mind that your tutor is a professional who depends on students' reliability - to avoid inconvenience, keep a full work schedule, and remain as available as possible to all the students on his/her roster.) TO SUBMIT A REQUEST, open the 'confirmed sessions' display from the dropdown on your dashboard. Find the session you wish to reschedule, and click the reschedule button. Choose and submit the new time. A notification of your request will be sent immediately, and the session will appear on your dashboard timetable, with a RED highlight, at the original time. If your tutor can accept the new time, the highlight will change to blue, scheduled at the new time; if not, you can expect an email message, announcing that the tutor has submitted a request for another alternative time, which you may accept or decline.

I received a message saying that my tutor is requesting a session I booked be rescheduled. How should I respond?

Although our tutors are committed to being available according to an agreed-upon schedule, sometimes circumstances intervene. If you receive a reschedule request, simply find the 'rescheduled by instructors' option on the drop-down menu on your dashboard. You'll see the original time the session was booked, the new time, and 'accept' and 'decline' buttons. If you decide to accept the new time your tutor has proposed, the rescheduling process is finished. If you decline instead, the session will then appear under the 'unscheduled sessions' option (on the dashboard dropdown), enabling you to submit a new reschedule time of your choice. (Note: as with all bookings of unscheduled sessions, this session will be automatically confirmed on your timetable, and the tutor's as well. There is no confirmation from the tutor, unless you exchange email messages.)

I’ve had some less-than-satisfying experiences with trying to learn a new language. Why should I expect my Jensen Mandarin Experience to be different?

In addition to sharing the undeniably urgent motivation other Chinese language students are feeling these days, at Jensen Mandarin you can feel the powerful benefits of internet-assisted learning. A personal (or SMALL group class) tutor with experience can guide you in ways other learning methods may have failed you. That friendly face on your computer screen is virtually visiting your home, delivering real personalized guidance – and Skype Instant Messaging is an instant ‘blackboard’ you both can write on. Result: the degree of student-teacher engagement is unbeatable. Discover it for yourself – it’s really gaining popularity and success.