Welcome to Jensen Mandarin!

We stake our family name on providing the finest Chinese language instruction available online – and in person, in Shanghai. When you’re ready to begin Learning Chinese Online, you can rely on Jensen Mandarin to provide a well-educated native-Chinese language tutor. Every quality language school insures the tutors are well trained and experienced – that’s a given, so what’s our secret? Where do we shine? Simple. We place special emphasis on the tutors’ competence in:

1. Communicating in English

2. Judging the rate at which to wean the student from dependence on English instructions and translations

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Lessons planned according to YOUR needs

Jensen Mandarin’s experienced teachers are thoroughly prepared to help you with learning Chinese online, by offering expert training covering ALL the options commonly referred to as separate courses.

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Really Convenient

Our personalized service puts the students’ needs first, starting with convenience: Take One-to-one Lessons or a Small Group Class without ever leaving your home (or anywhere with a stable and fast internet connection)